Sponsor A pipe

Would you like to sponsor a pipe and help us raise £250,000 towards the total cost of the new organ for St Giles’, Oxford? There are almost 400 pipes to sponsor, in all shapes and sizes, ranging in price from £25 for the smallest to £5,000 for the largest façade pipes.

There are seven ranks to sponsor, each with 56 pipes, plus the organ console itself, for which we are seeking a very special sponsor. Pick the rank from the list below to see the pipes available for sponsorship in that rank, or select All Pipes to see everything that can be sponsored.

You can specify the name to be associated with your sponsored pipe – your own name, the name of a loved one, or that of an organisation. This name will stay with your pipe for the lifetime of the organ, which we hope will last for 200 years! For each pipe you adopt, your name will be recorded in a special book of donors, and you will receive a certificate.

Do contact Dr Nicholas Prozzillo, our Choir Director, if you would like to find out more about the project and ways in which you can help.

Console(3 of 3 available to sponsor)
Principal 16(45 of 56 available to sponsor)
Principal 8(38 of 56 available to sponsor)
Chimney flute 8(35 of 56 available to sponsor)
Octave 4(45 of 56 available to sponsor)
Octave 2(22 of 56 available to sponsor)
Mixture IV(51 of 56 available to sponsor)
Trumpet 8(23 of 56 available to sponsor)
All Pipes(259 of 392 available to sponsor)